The Nutcracker Story
The Ballet is based upon the fairy tale by E.T.A. Hoffman, and was first
performed in St. Petersberg, Russia in 1892.  The Nutcracker is a classical
ballet in two acts.  As the curtain opens on Act I, it is Christmas at the
Silberhaus’ home.  Mr. And Mrs. Silberhaus and their children are making
the final preparations for their holiday party.  Their guests arrive, including
Clara's Godfather, Dr. Drosselmeyer.  He brings wonderful, magical gifts of
life size dancing dolls.  Clara is saddened when it seems to be that her family
has forgotten  her  Christmas gift.  They did not forget. They knew that
Drosselmyer would bring his Goddaughter, Clara, a special gift- and
he did just that-  a Nutcracker doll. 
        Later that night, after all the guests have departed, Clara sneaks back
to the drawing room to search for her Nutcracker doll.  While Clara is sleeping,
Drosselmeyer performs his magic.  Clara awakens to find her Nutcracker
has turned into a life size doll.  Soon the room becomes filled with mice
and toy soldiers. A battle takes place between the Mouse Queen and the
Nutcracker and with Clara's help the soldiers defeat the mice.  The Mouse
Queen is taken down.  The evil spell of the Mouse Queen is broken and the
Nutcraker doll becomes a real live Prince. The Nutcracker Prince then leads
Clara to the  magical winter forest where they meet the Snow Queen. As the
Snow Queen sends Clara off on her next journey, the snowflakes dance
joyfully in the fresh falling winter snow.
       In Act II, Clara arrives at the Palace of the Sweets to find beautiful
Christmas Angels dancing to greet her.  There she meets the Sugar Plum
Fairy and  her Cavalier.  An elaborate ceremony is held in honor of her
presence.  Clara is entertained by a number of spectacular sights.  A
shimmering Pas De Deux by the Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier highlight
the entertainment and leave a memorable end to Clara's magical journey as
she is sent on her way home.


The Braintree Balet Company is pleased to present this loved classic each year and bring some magic into your holiday celebrations. 

Who are we???????

The company is made up of the elite dancers of Melissa Kelley's Dance Studio of Braintree, LLC and are selected by audition as well as based on their advancement in their ballet and dance studies.  Melissa Kelley Clark, director, strives each year to make sure the dancers are fully experiencing the life on stage as a performer while the audience views a pre-professional company.   It is all part of a complete education and helps to build confidence, charater, and allow more serious dancers an opportunity to do more with something they love.  Ms. Clark had no idea that doing the nutcracker ballet each year would turn into what it has...... a tradition for families all over the South Shore area and even futher away!  The majority of tickets sold are not to cast members but to the general public.  We have received letters, phone calls and emails raving about not just the stunning costumes, exciting choreography and talented dancers but the overall excellence of the show.  Many have said it was so much more than they expected and much more professional than they woudl have thought to see form just a small local company.  As we have been told so many times, "The Braintree Ballet Company's is a gem to the local community."  We hope you will add our Nutcracker to your holidays celebrations!!!!!!!!